Implementing Value Based System Change in Rehabilitation

This multi-module learning path is meant to be taken sequentially. It provides the physical therapist clinical doctoral learner with a foundational appreciation of business case development, clinical informatics and healthcare policy required for the successful leadership of physical therapy innovation. It describes the conceptual shift needed for the profession of Physical Therapy (PT) in order to remain at the leading edge of our data driven health care environment and the need to meet the Institute for Health Improvement’s (IHI) “Triple Aim”.

NOTE: All course resources are attached to this Learning Path . Each module will provide only the course-specific presentation in the resources area.

By the end of Module 6, the student will be able to:

  • Introduce the basic process to successfully proposing innovative ideas resulting in positive change.
  • Introduce tools and examples to successfully build a case for innovation and positive change.
  • Identify common pitfalls that lead to proposals being denied.
  • Summarize how the ability to collect, aggregate and display data is instrumental in driving system change.
  • Understand the importance of using standardized measures to minimize operational and clinical variability in a physical therapy practice
  • Understand and differentiate evolving collaborative care models.
  • Describe how clinical informatics is needed to achieve Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) “Triple Aim” as it relates to leadership in physical therapy
  • Differentiate internal and external knowledge used in the information cycle via the EMR
  • Describe how select data points can be used by a clinical practice to improve clinical decision making, quality improvement (QI) or translation of evidence initiatives
  • Identify the utility of analytics visualization for leadership of a learning organization dedicated to clinical care innovation
  • Identify key considerations for making a data system work
  • Articulate physical therapy exemplars for use of informatics to lead successful change
  • Describe the physical therapist’s role and responsibilities associated with future care delivery models.
  • Integrate the principles of population health and value into practice and innovative new business models.
  • Better understand the importance of coordination of care and inter-disciplinary collaboration (at top of license)
  • Understand the current remuneration model for out-patient PT, the limitations of this model and evolving pay for performance models.

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Completion Instructions

Open and learn from all 6 modules, then complete the assessment with a 70% or higher score to received CEUs and certificate.

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Michael Friedman, PT, MBA; Alan Jette, Mary Stilphen, Kelly Daley; Jason Richardson, Justin Moore

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Rehab Essentials

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Implementing Value Based System Change in Rehab
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