2012 PTA CPI - Documenting Student Performance with the Physical Therapist Assistant Clinical Performance Instrument

This course is no longer available on the APTA Learning Center

Exciting News!

APTA is proud to announce that training modules for the Physical Therapist Clinical Performance Instrument Web (PT CPI WEB) and the Physical Therapist Assistant Clinical Performance Instrument Web (PTA CPI WEB) are now being delivered through a new, more user-friendly platform. The change was made in response to input from both clinical instructors and students who shared their need for a "one-stop" system that would reduce unnecessary registration burdens and help users become more quickly on-boarded to effectively use these important tools.

What's changed?

All PT CPI and PTA CPI – related training resources have been moved from the APTA Learning Center, and are now housed at Liaison International, a leader in web-based educational solutions. Now users can go to one easy-to-navigate site to find both training materials and assessment instruments. Additionally, the trainings are now open-access, allowing users to quickly and easily download the resources they need, and the site even includes a Clinical Assessment Suite Help Center with special assistance areas for program staff, clinical education coordinators, clinical instructors, and students. Best of all, the training modules are free, and can be viewed as often as users like.

Sharing the information

If you already have instructions that reference the APTA Learning Center as the source for the training module, simply substitute the "CPIWeb tutorial (PT/PTA) at Liaison Help Center," with the appropriate link added (PT or PTA). It's important to stress that the CPI cannot be accessed until the training module is completed.

Already took the course, but currently enrolled in CPI? PLEASE READ

No problem. Users who have completed the APTA Learning Center-based training do not need to re-take the module in CPIWeb. It's important, however, that participants keep their training completion certificates, which can be downloaded here. The certificate and CEU files will remain in the Learning Center until March 1, 2019 ONLY – after that you will NO LONGER be able to access them through the Learning Center.

We're excited about this important step in the evolution of the CPI program, and grateful to the stakeholders who took the time to provide feedback on needed improvements. If you have any questions about the change, please contact us at: academicservices@apta.org.

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Completion Instructions

To successfully complete this course, you must open and review all lessons and resources in the course. Once you have progressed through the course lessons and resources, you must take an assessment of learning. You are required to complete the assessment with at least 70% accuracy in order to claim CEU credit. You may retake the assessment as many times as you like.

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Janet Adams, PTA; Carol Clayton, PT, PhD; Anthony Delitto, PT, PhD, FAAOMPT; Kay Foreman, PTA; Linda Shelton, PT; Jody Gandy, PT, DPT, PhD; Janet Crosier, PT, DPT, MEd

Learning objectives

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the components of the PTA CPI and their correct application.
  2. Use the PTA CPI to evaluate and document physical therapist assistant student clinical performance accurately.
  3. Appropriately adhere to the copyright laws that govern the use of the PTA CPI.

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