Visionary and passionate leaders of the past in physical therapy education have achieved many remarkable successes for the profession. Although there is an uncertain future in health care and higher education, there will be opportunities for leaders to imagine innovative models and new strategies that can better align with the changing demands of practice. Specifically, this profession “seeks to transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience”. To achieve this vision, graduates of physical therapy programs must be capable of functioning side-by-side with their colleagues while adapting in times of sea change. Such an all-encompassing transformation will require leaders who are empowered to create new synergies and partnerships, can anticipate and navigate change within a rapidly shifting landscape, welcome and embrace uncertainty, and are willing to challenge the status quo and time-honored traditions to advance physical therapy education and the profession.

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Meet our Presenter

Jody S Frost, PT, DPT, PhD, FNAP. Dr. Frost is an Education Consultant and Facilitator with expertise in strategic planning, educational assessment, consensus building, professionalism, interprofessional professionalism, interprofessional education, and leadership fellowship/training programs. After 25 years, Dr Frost retired as the Lead Academic Affairs Specialist and founding Program Director, American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Education Leadership Institute Fellowship. She facilitated initiatives in physical therapy academic/clinical education, clinical performance assessments, professionalism and related assessments, interprofessional education, and higher education leadership.

Her publications and many invited presentations are reflective of these areas of expertise. She received APTA’s Education Section President’s Award, Liaison International Leadership Award and was recently named the 2018 Pauline Cerasoli lecturer. Dr Frost is a manuscript reviewer for the Journal of Physical Therapy Education and Physiotherapy Theory and Practice and serves on the ABPTRFE Accreditation Services Committee.

Dr Frost currently serves as President-elect of the National Academies of Practice (NAP) and was a founding member and former Vice Chair of NAP’s PT Academy. In addition, she has served as a Community Moderator for the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education since 2015. She founded the Interprofessional Professionalism Collaborative representing 12 health professions and an assessment organization, which is focused on the development and testing of an Interprofessional Professionalism Assessment and tool kit. She Dr. Frost received her bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Ithaca College, masters in counseling and personnel studies from Rowan University, PhD from Temple University, and DPT from Marymount University. She was a tenured faculty member, Director of Clinical Education, and Assistant Chair at Temple University with past experiences as Physical Therapy Department Director, practitioner, clinical educator and coordinator at pediatric and orthopedic/sports medicine facilities. She currently resides in southern Maryland.

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Jody S Frost, PT, DPT, PhD, FNAP

Learning objectives

  1. Discuss lessons learned from past leaders in the evolution and maturation of physical therapy education.
  2. Discuss critical sea changes on the horizon for higher education and healthcare.
  3. Describe leadership challenges of managing higher education traditions contrasted with a rapidly changing environment.
  4. Envision how shared leadership models in physical therapy education can cultivate new relationships and partnerships, promote synergies, and facilitate creative and innovative possibilities, given an unpredictable future for higher education and healthcare.


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