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Course Overview

This course is designed for physical therapists who may be interested in pursuing the ability to order diagnostic imaging studies directly. The course will begin with an overview of the history and current practice of physical therapists who order imaging both in the military and in civilian sectors. Emphasis will be placed on creating a compelling case that justifies the need for imaging privileges that can be presented to local leadership, administrators and policy-makers to garner support.

Navigating administrative barriers, securing physical therapy (PT) board approval for ordering of imaging studies, partnering with radiologists and tracking of reimbursement data will be discussed. A retrospective analysis of 5 years of imaging studies ordered by PTs at one academic medical center will be reviewed. The course will conclude with several case reports in which the use of diagnostic imaging directly influenced clinical decision making.

Meet our Presenter

Aaron Keil, PT, DPT, Board-certified orthopaedic clinical specialist. Dr. Keil currently serves as clinical associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has spoken at national conferences on the topics of direct access and diagnostic imaging and has provided guidance to several institutions across the country who are pursuing these initiatives.

Dr. Keil recently served on the authorship committee for the APTA-sponsored white paper ‘Diagnostic and Procedural Imaging in Physical Therapist Practice’.

He has functioned as a first-contact provider both at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington D.C. and the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland where he provided leadership to the outpatient rehab department.

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Completion Instructions

Review content, attend the live session on October 4th, complete the assessment with at least a 70% score; download and save your certificate.

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Aaron Keil, PT, DPT

Learning objectives

  1. Develop an effective plan to secure administrative approval to secure imaging privileges for physical therapists.
  2. Cite appropriate research that supports granting physical therapists privileges to order imaging studies directly.
  3. Describe the impact diagnostic imaging can have on clinical decision making when ordered appropriately.
  4. Effectively prepare to answer common questions and concerns over granting therapists diagnostic imaging privileges.


Veterans Administration (VA)

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