Learning Paths/Course Bundles/Series

Learning paths are a series of topic-related courses targeted at achievement for a specific competency. Bundled courses are topic-specific and allow you to purchase multiple courses at a discounted price.

Home Health Advance Competency Bundles.

The Home Health Section’s Advanced Competency in Home Health program synthesizes current evidence-based practice and tailors it to the unique physical therapy setting of home health. This program enables home health agencies, outpatient practices that provide home care physical therapy, and individual clinicians to enhance efficacy and efficiency of treatment of their home health patients and clients.

This program is for licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

Individuals who successfully complete the Advanced Competency in Home Health program are provided with a certificate, in, and may describe themselves as having obtained: “Certificate of Advanced Competency in Home Health”. Full details can be found on the Home Health site.

NEW! Oncology Bundles.

We offer 3 different bundles of articles relating to a variety of cancer-related topics ranging from medications and breast cancer to pediatric oncology interventions. Check out each bundle to see which is of most interest. Content in each bundle contains information included in the DSP for Specialty Certification in Oncology.

Aquatic Physical Therapy Competency.

This series of courses provides PTs and PTAs with a comprehensive study of the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to provide safe evidence-based patient care using the aquatic environment. 

Note: The series includes 7 online courses plus an in-person 3-day pool course. List of all current pool courses. The purchase for the pool course will occur as a separate purchase when you register for a pool course. You must complete the pool course to complete the course series. The price for the complete program (online courses +pool clinic are):

Achievement of the course series results in an assessment-based certificate in Aquatic Physical Therapy Clinical Competency. It does not result in a credential and is not recognized by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists (ABPTS). Participants receive a certificate of completion, and not a designation as a board certified specialist. Click the link below to get more details about this Certificate program.

Pharmacology Series/Bundle. Learn vital information on how drug therapies interact with physical therapy, and how they can exert both positive and negative effects on rehabilitation.

New Directions and Considerations in Neurorehabilitation.  This Learning Path is designed to incorporate evidence based practice and utilization of new directions and concepts for the management of people with neurological disorders.

Geriatric Learning Path/Bundle. These learning paths contains courses which can be used in preparation for completing the Geriatric Specialization Exam.

Professionalism Series. Enhance your professionalism with these online courses.