The use of standardized tests is an important element of physical therapist practice, as it allows physical therapists to: consistently assess, measure, and compare performance in patients and clients; establish an expected level of function and clinical outcome as part of a physical therapist plan of care; and measure and document progress toward the established goals. APTA and other federal, state, and national associations, advocate for standardized tests; however, their use as a regular component of physical therapist practice still is lacking.

This course provides you with a review of the patient history and chart review process, an overview of selected standardized assessments that easily can be incorporated into the physical therapist assessment, and a discussion of how standardized assessment results can be used to develop an evidence-based clinical plan of care.

Meet our Presenters:

Kerri Bednarcik, PT. Kerri Bednarcik is the Director of Education and Staff Development for Genesis Rehab Services. As a licensed physical therapist, Kerri has over 30 years of clinical experience in diverse settings, including acute rehab, acute care, outpatient, and home health, with the last 20 years in the post-acute setting. Kerri has been active in local and national associations throughout her career, and has presented on a variety of clinical and administrative topics at local, state, and national levels. Kerri has held an academic appointment and has served the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) as an on-site reviewer and Commissioner. Kerri received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University.

Cindy Gallo, PT, Regional Clinical Director, Genesis Rehab Service. Cindy graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware in 1980. Her career has focused on the geriatric population, providing physical therapy services in acute rehab, subacute rehab and long term care. Cindy joined Genesis Rehab Services in 1996 and has experience in long term care, assisted living and independent living communities. As a Regional Clinical Director, Cindy's focus has been on improving the quality of care provided to patients through the advancement of clinical skill sets in several areas of practice, including exercise, balance/fall prevention and modalities, and demonstrating how to incorporate these regimens into treatment programs which emphasize functional goals. Cindy is a proponent of the interdisciplinary model of care and believes this model serves to maximize the patient’s quality of life. In addition, she believes that proper use of treatment protocols can lead to more functionally based treatment programs. Cindy has also played an instrumental role in creating education for Genesis on the topics of urinary incontinence and the use of focused assessments.

Ian Kilbride, PT, Regional Clinical Director, Genesis Rehab Services. Ian earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the Medical College of Ohio in consortium with the University of Toledo in 2000. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Toledo (1998).

Ian has held licenses in Ohio and Michigan, working primarily with the geriatric population. Ian has been employed by Genesis Rehab Services since 2009 as a Regional Clinical Director providing clinical support to clinicians in the skilled nursing, long-term care, assisted living, and independent living settings. Prior to 2009, he provided clinical and operational management at the center level in addition to providing patient care for Harborside Healthcare/Sun Healthcare. Focus areas of practice have included: interdisciplinary dementia care, falls prevention and management, evidenced-based PT practice, and geriatric strength training.

Ian frequently lectures on the topics of: dementia care, physical agent modalities, geriatric strength training, functional seating and positioning, falls risk management/prevention, medically complex patients, and the use of standardized assessments in physical therapy practice. He has also supported the development of educational programs and resources for Genesis Rehab Services.

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Completion Instructions

Review the materials and listen to the presentation. Complete the assessment with at least a 70% score.

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Learning objectives

  1. Integrate guidelines for chart review and focused assessment into daily practice.
  2. Apply APTA and CMS standards for the completion of clinical documentation.
  3. Select and utilize appropriate standardized tests & measures based on patient population.
  4. Develop and establish goals for a clinical plan of care that incorporate selected tests and measures.
  5. Develop and implement individualized care plans based on assessment findings that include exercise prescription and circuit training.


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