Market forces are turning patients into activist healthcare consumers and there is significant increase in competition among providers to draw patients upstream, including a growing number of large scale retail clinics. Consumers are also trading lower premiums for higher deductibles and there has been an explosion of telehealth. At first blush, convenience and affordability are driving patient choices, along with highest value of care, availability of comprehensive care, and superior patient access and experience. A more nuanced understanding of consumer needs, preferences, and values, however, highlights key drivers for which direct-to-consumer physical therapy models are ideally positioned to address. We will share 5 key insights into consumer behavior and discuss the critical attributes necessary to design direct-to-consumer value-based solutions for each key behavior. In addition, we will share our own direct-to-consumer strategies based on more than 20 years of experience in a fully cash-based retail model.

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1. Describe five key attributes of consumer-driven healthcare, evaluate your current organization’s consumer responsiveness, and assess opportunities for proactive consumer engagement. 2. Describe existing direct-to-consumer care delivery models and discuss its application across the socioeconomic spectrum. 3. Assess the utility of specific operational strategies to deliver direct-to-consumer, consumer-value driven PT across a spectrum of practice settings.

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