Adding wellness coaching services as a revenue stream for your physical therapy practice can seem like a simple way to increase revenue and provide better service to your patients and community. But how is this done? What tools do you need to set up a health coaching program? Should you offer a group program or individual? Should your program be in person or virtual? In this session we’ll discuss coaching delivery models, using coaching programs as a marketing tool for your physical therapy services, and how to gain health coaching skills or hire skilled health coaches. We’ll also discuss how virtual and group coaching models can add leveraged revenue streams to an existing practice, especially with a focus on a specific niche market. Finally, we’ll consider the research on cost-effectiveness and efficacy of health coaching, especially if integrated with skilled physical therapy intervention.

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1. Identify the key skills involved in providing effective and cost-effective wellness coaching. 2. Distinguish between specific health coaching models—individual, group, in person, or virtual—and the benefits and risks of each model. 3. Have the skills to analyze wellness coaching tools, apps, and platforms to help you to build your in person or virtual wellness practice.

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