As a result of the recent healthcare reform efforts—namely, those answering the call for more integrative, collaborative care—hospital systems will continue to stretch into outpatient healthcare markets as they acquire or partner with more and more rehab clinics. Thus, the need to share and exchange patient information and data across healthcare sectors that were previously siloed will continue to grow—quickly. In the years to come, software automation that enables seamless information transfer will be immensely helpful, for providers, payers, and patients alike. It has the potential to produce meaningful data at every level, from the way the healthcare system as a structure is faring, all the way down to the manner in which a single patient is responding to a specific treatment. And there’s a huge opportunity for healthcare professionals to use that data to inform decisions that will impact us all. But first, PTs have to understand interoperability and recognize its impact on patient care, clinic revenue, and the greater healthcare landscape. To that end, the presenter will discuss what interoperability is, how it works in healthcare, and why physical therapists should make it a priority.

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Heidi Jannenga, PT, DPT

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

1. Define interoperability and its related terms and acronyms.

2. Identify the levels of interoperability, the various avenues to interoperability, and the challenges associated with achieving interoperability.

3. Describe the importance of interoperability to PT patient care and reimbursements.

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