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Meaningful participation in communities is vital for all. Partnerships between communities and PTs are essential for improving human health. APTA’s Vision Statement calls us to transform society. How is it possible to engage in societal transformation when there is so much else to do? In this session, speakers will present a model of community engagement and empowerment, as well as strategies for success on many levels. Presenters will provide narratives of personal action taken by practicing PTs working in their home communities to create transformative changes by inviting and expanding collective community efforts that promote opportunities for participation in community activities. Speakers will highlight community-based strategies used to help organizations provide welcoming and inclusive programs and services for all. Attendees will leave the session with a personal plan or scaffold for social transformation within their physical therapist practice.

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Susan Klappa, PT, MPT, PhD

Learning objectives

  1. Reflect upon personal attitudes, behaviors, and actions that influence the efficacy of community engagement practices.
  2. Compare and contrast varied platforms that drive actions for social responsibility and community engagement.
  3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of community-based practices for health and wellness.
  4. Develop a personal or practice plan for transformative community engagement.

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