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Academy of Education: Student Debt. Time Sensitive Updates Educators Need to Know

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Attendees will learn important 2024 updates on student loans that directly affect educators who have Federal Student Debt. We will cover the two major types of loan forgiveness, the differences between federal and private loans, and the IDR Waiver/One Time Account Adjustment. 

The IDR Waiver deadline is set to expire April 30th, 2024 and there are many borrowers who will benefit from this program. Many are unaware this Federal government program exists and don’t know how to take advantage of it. This program can be especially beneficial for borrowers who have multiple Federal Student Loans on different timelines. For example, someone who received an undergraduate degree and began to make payments on their loans, and then later went back and took out more loans for a graduate degree or PhD.  The IDR Waiver will also be especially beneficial for borrowers who are pursuing PSLF forgiveness and have older loans given out prior to 2010, called “FFEL loans”.  

Understanding this information is really important for folks who may be candidates for loan forgiveness through the IDR Waiver, but they don’t know it because of the confusion around the programs.

Course Objectives:
After this presentation, learners will be able to:

1. Upon completion of the session participants will understand the differences between Federal and Private Student Loans.
2. Upon completion of the session attendees will understand the IDR Waiver/One Time Account Adjustment  https://studentaid.gov/announc... that expires April 30th, 2024 and how that directly affects student loan borrowers with multiple federal student loans on different timelines. 
3. Upon completion of the session attendees will understand the different types of student loan forgiveness including PSLF forgiveness and Long-term forgiveness.

Speaker Information:

Dr. Connor Pierce is the Founder of After the DPT, where he helps DPTs understand their student debt. Connor is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and was a full-time practicing clinician for over 5 years. He passed the Certified Student Loan Professional® exam to become an industry leader in student loan advising. He has been teaching as an adjunct faculty at physical therapy programs for the past 4 years. He and his wife understand first-hand what DPT debt feels like as they are both DPTs who graduated with DPT debt in 2018.  They believe that their shared experience with DPTs who are graduating today, allows them to better understand and know how to help fellow DPTs handle their student debt.  Dr. Pierce has personally advised individuals on over $30 million dollars in student debt.

0.1 CEUs will be available for this webinar. 

Course Instructions

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