Are leaders born or made? To grow your organization, do you grow your people or do you hire a superstar? Once a leader is in place, how do you sustain that positive trajectory? A strong culture propels an organization towards sustainable excellence and creates an environment where people are excited about coming to work. In the U.S., only one-third of the work force is engaged at work. Strong leadership and mentorship are needed to create a team committed to the mission and purpose of the organization and for employees to feels a sense of pride for their place of employment. Why is something so important so difficult to create and sustain? This program will draw on the philosophy and experience of two leading physical therapy organizations that focus on culture and leadership development to transform their businesses. Through lecture, examples, interactive small group discussion, and evidence from the literature, participants will gain practical and concrete examples of best practices on how to define and create culture with strategies that can easily be implemented to begin building an engaged and motivated team.

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