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Just like taking prescription medication requires a certain dose, exercise prescription for pediatric physical therapy may be enhanced by understanding appropriate components of dose. This course explores the role of early spontaneous to purposeful movements with a focus on the emergence of reaching to identify specific therapeutic targets in infants with risk factors for cerebral palsy such as neonatal stroke. Important techniques for behavioral and kinematic analysis are discussed. The dosing parameters of a parent-delivered home-based intervention program focusing on reach and grasp using principles of motor learning is presented for infants at risk for cerebral palsy. Using a path model for dosing, CIMT, bimanual training, and high intensity interventions are presented as options for dosing comparisons in infants and toddlers with cerebral palsy.

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Jill Heathcock, MPT, PhD

Learning objectives

  1. Describe current interventions and their potential to influence behavioral change in children with CP.
  2. Evaluate dosing parameters of pediatric rehabilitation considering principles of motor learning.
  3. Apply relevant pediatric neurorehabilitation evidence to functional outcomes in infants and children. Integrate knowledge of frequency, intensity, timing, and type of rehabilitation for recovery in the context of clinical application.

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