This course provides reviews and updates the learner regarding the impact of aging on the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. The learner will review current evidence for best practice for physical therapy assessment and interventions for the aging population with cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders. Topics reviewed include assessment and treatment for older clients with normal aging issues, risk factors for disease, acute, and chronic diseases such as MI, arrhythmias, CHF, and COPD.

This was recorded during the ExPAAC Conference and includes the introduction to the FOCUS Sessions.

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Review the recorded session, complete the assessment with a 70% or higher score, complete the course evaluation.

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william staples, pt, dhsc, dpt, gcs

Learning objectives

  1. Discuss how normal age-related changes in the cardiovascular system relate to the functional status of the older adult.
  2. Differentiate between normal and pathological changes in the cardiovascular system and the impact of exercise on these changes.
  3. Apply cardiovascular physiologic concepts and terms to the evaluation of a client with cardiovascular impairment. understand the components of exercise prescription and how to apply them to the older adult.
  4. Appreciate the role of medical management in cardiovascular conditions and its relationship to physical therapy interventions.
  5. Evaluate physical therapy interventions for common cardiovascular problems found in the older adult population.
  6. Establish and progress exercise programs specific to the cardiovascular changes occurring in the older adult population.

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