This course provides the physical therapy clinician with the evidence-based instruction necessary to promote safe and effective assessment and treatment of individuals with cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders. The presenters will review the most prevalent cardiopulmonary disorders along with instruction for selecting and incorporating appropriate standardized tests and measures into the physical therapy plan of care, and measuring progression of cardiopulmonary performance.

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Review the materials and listen to the presentation. Complete the assessment with at least a 70% score.

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Learning objectives

  1. Recognize and describe age-related and pathological changes to the cardiopulmonary system
  2. Given a patient with cardiopulmonary compromise,
    • Select and utilize appropriate standardized tests & measures to assess cardiopulmonary performance and progression.
    • Develop and establish goals for a clinical plan of care that reflect cardiopulmonary performance.
    • Develop and implement an individualized plan of care that reflects a progression of cardiopulmonary performance
  3. Describe how a physical therapy plan of care will be developed for an individual with acute vs. chronic cardiopulmonary condition.


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2Assessment_Cardiovascular Assessment and Treament
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