Academic and clinical faculty are leaders in the way we influence our students, colleagues, and the profession. Trust is at the foundation of leadership impacting nearly all aspects of effectiveness at all levels of existence. This session is about the concept of trust, its building blocks, and the examination of ourselves. It is also about our responsibility as role models of trust toward being the positive influences we wish to be to transform society. The “us” in trust can do that!

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Stacey Zeigler, PT, DPT, MS

Learning objectives

  1. Define trust integrating the Four Cores of Credibility as the basis of trust.
  2. Examine the need for trust for effectiveness in positions of influence.
  3. Identify the link between trust and student performance.
  4. Discuss basic methods for improving trust in all relationships.
  5. Develop a plan to improve your personal credibility built on the results of a self-assessment tool discussed in the webinar.


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