The purpose of this clinical reasoning theater is to:

Provide students and PT programs with access to content modules called clinical reasoning theaters to facilitate the learner’s clinical reasoning process when working with children and their families. This would include video footage of children with special needs and their families, clinicians, and academic faculty dialoguing in movement analysis and determining appropriate tests and measures, interventions, and family education. Video guides for clinicians and faculty would be provided as well as assignments and assessment guides for student learning.

Potential clinical reasoning theaters:

  • CMT (birth – 2 years, out-patient setting)
  • ITW (1- 6 years, out-patient setting)
  • Brain injury (in-patient setting)
  • SCI/Myelomeningocele (in-patient or out-patient setting)
  • DCD (5- 18 years, school-based setting)
  • CP (out-patient or school)
  • Peds Oncology (in-patient)
  • ASD (6-18 years, school)
  • Low tone/ DD (birth – 3 years, out-patient setting)
  • CF or Cardiac issues (in-patient)
  • MD/SMA (out-patient)

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Attend various "theatres" to gain knowledge about Pediatric Physical Therapy

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Learning objectives

Identify pertinent data from the video case information to inform questions to be asked during the child/family interview process.Determine appropriate tests and measures as part of the physical therapy examination for a child, birth – 21 years of age with various health conditions across various practice settings given a video case.Justify the selection of tests and measures in determining the most appropriate measures for the particular video case including relevant case context and the ICF framework.Select appropriate interventions and specify dosing in the plan of care for each clinical reasoning theater video case utilizing the ICF framework.Justify the rationale for each intervention utilizing evidence-based practice strategies and effective clinical reasoning skills.If viewing multiple clinical reasoning theaters, compare and contrast the differences in the physical therapist examination and selected interventions across clinical practice settings.


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Congenital Muscular Torticollis Series
APPT Clinical Reasoning Theater: Congenital Muscular Torticollis
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