In an ever-evolving healthcare arena, it can be easy to feel limited in your abilities to impact the world around you. This course will use the Core Values for the Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant as a scaffolding for building confidence in leadership and influence opportunities for PTAs in and beyond the clinical setting.

Meet the Speaker:

Tiffany Kiphart, PTA, ATC, M.Ed is a PTA program director from Ohio. She is a 2020 graduate of the APTA Fellowship in Education Leadership. She is an APTA member, Academy of Education member and a PTA Educators SIG member. She serves on the Academy of Education Awards Committee and is a member of the APTA ELP Competency Based PT Education Reactor Panel.

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  • Complete the assessment with a score of 70% or higher, and complete the evaluation to earn your CEUs.
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    Tiffany Kiphart, PTA, ATC, M.Ed.

    Learning objectives

    1. Identify student characteristics that may cause a professional education program to consider including a behavioral assessment as part of the admissions process.
    2. Describe methodology for design of a comprehensive behavioral admissions process.
    3. Identify areas in which admission standards do or do not address behavioral issues common in PTA students.
    4. Formulate ideas for assessing common behavioral issues seen in PTA students prior to admission to the PTA program.
    5. Describe current PTA program admissions processes found in the literature.


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