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Pain and especially movement-related pain is a strong stimulus to change the way we move. Consequently, differences in motor control between patients with low-back pain and healthy controls can be expected. However, studies show that these changes are not very inconsistent; large variance exists in findings on motor control between studies and between patients within studies. The theoretical approach I take in my research is to consider changes in motor control in low-back pain as outcomes of a learning process under the influence of pain and pain-related cognitions. This theory yields quite specific predictions that are largely in line with empirical observations, but that require further testing. In this webinar, I will outline this theory, describe motor control changes that we and others have observed in patients with low-back pain and finally I will discuss clinical implications.


Jaap van Dieën obtained his PhD from the ‘Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’ in the Netherlands in 1993 and currently is professor of biomechanics and department head at the department of Human Movement Sciences of this university. He leads a research group focusing on the neuromechanics of ageing and musculoskeletal and movement disorders. His research is centered around three themes: 1) control of trunk posture and movement, 2) control of balance and gait stability and 3) the development of clinically applicable algorithms and instrumentation. The group focuses on experimental work based on movement analysis, inverse dynamics and electrophysiological measurements. Jaap van Dieën has (co-) authored over 450 papers in international scientific journals.

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Jaap van Dieën, PhD

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