The Second Edition of The Sports Certificated Specialist (SCS) Preparation Course was designed to assist the learner in preparation for the Sports Specialization exam offered the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. Course content spans domains within the most recent description of sports physical therapy (DSP) authored by a multi-disciplinary cohort of experts from around the country. Substantial revisions were provided in all chapters based on current and emerging evidence as well as the addition of three chapters specific to rehabilitation of region-specific sports-related injuries. Foundational concepts as well as clinical correlates are included with each chapter with additional review and test questions provided to assess knowledge translation and identify gaps.

NOTE:*While this course is designed to help the learner prepare for the SCS exam it is not a guarantee for passage.

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Review all materials, complete the assessment with at least a 70% passing grade, download and save your certificate.

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Learning objectives

  1. Describe epidemiology and etiology of sports-related conditions that lead to injury.
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  3. Prioritize acute-injury manage strategies and emergency preparedness to improve outcomes.
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  5. Explain risk factors associated with sports-related conditions and impact on return to sport decision making.
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  7. Describe preventative techniques to lower injury risk and optimize performance.
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  9. Compare various assessment techniques for the evaluation of sports-related injuries.
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  11. Develop an evidence-based treatment plan from initial injury to return to play.
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  13. Defend the need to a multi-disciplinary approach to effectively manage the injured athlete.


American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy

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