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This lecture is based around the recent publication of the IFOMPT Cervical Framework for Vascular Pathologies of the Neck. Safety of patients has always been an urgent concern of all therapists. For decades, the wide-use of manual techniques for cranio-cervical dysfunction has been associated with serious neuro-vascular adverse events, e.g. stroke. This concern has impacted on our practice in many ways, from developing testing and screening methods, through to the wholesale avoidance of therapeutic interventions. In this lecture I will draw on the best of evidence to understand how to consider, assess, and manage risk for people with head and/or neck pain. I claim that we have made some errors of thinking in the past decades which has led us from the real issues at hand; thus delaying a more reasoned, scientific approach to assessment of risk. A clinical reasoning framework which facilitates identification of vascular pathology in people presenting with head and neck pain will be presented. This supersedes previous guidance which seeks to 'screen' for at risk patients. The key outcomes of the lecture are to understand and implement a more evidence base risk assessment strategy for people seeking treatment for their head and/or neck pain.

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Roger Kerry is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham, UK. He is a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist, and an honorary Fellow of the UK’s Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. His main clinical research interests have been in adverse events and physiotherapy interventions of the head and neck, particularly on the causal nature of the interventions. Roger is also undertaking research activity in the Philosophy of Science, investigating the nature of causation in the health sciences, and this was the focus of his PhD. He is well- published in these areas and has been an invited speaker at numerous international conferences. He has received two prestigious Lord Dearing Awards for teaching excellence, and was recognized as Higher Education Social Media Superstar by UK digital education organization JISC. Roger also plays guitar and banjo for the Americana/alt-country band Lawrence County, as well as being a BBC Introducing artists as a solo folk singer.

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