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    Our webinar series is designed to help your administrative staff implement best practices in your clinic. This series was developed as an orientation course for administrative staff and was designed to include people with experience and persons with absolutely no experience performing administrative duties in an outpatient therapy clinic.

    This series was prerecorded in February 2023. 

    Welcome to the Front Desk 101 webinar series! Obviously, we cannot cover each scenario that you have in your individual clinics, but we are hopeful that this training will help your staff be on the same page and develop consistent and efficient processes in your clinic. This course, along with your clinic-specific training, will help you implement consistent training for all new staff.

    There are 10 modules available for use in your clinics. Each module will build upon the information learned in the previous modules, so it is important to take the modules in order. 

    All modules (except for HIPAA) are 30 minutes or less in length.  This allows for the modules to be performed in short bouts, which is better for learning and absorbing new material.  This also helps your staff to fit this training in among other duties. We look forward to hearing any feedback that you have regarding this information and its usefulness in educating your admin staff.  

    Module 1:  The ABCs of Outpatient Therapy

    This module will define common terms used in outpatient therapy practices and includes the roles and responsibilities of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists and the differences in those disciplines. 

    Module 2-4:  The ABCs of Insurance
    These three modules cover all of the basics of insurance.  Insurance terminology and concepts seem like a foreign language to someone who has never worked with insurance.  These modules define all of the common terms used in the 3rd party payer world.  Different types of insurance policies are described, along with the different payment models that are typically found in outpatient therapy. 

    Module 5- Insurance Authorization
    This module expands upon the knowledge learned in the first 4 modules and covers the key elements of verifying and authorizing insurance.  The basic process of verification and authorization is covered, but make sure that this education is supplemented by your specific clinic processes and the types of insurance that are accepted in your clinic, along with their nuances.

    Module 6 – Case Study
    This module applies all of the information learned to this point to a case study.  Participants are encouraged to stop the recording and determine the answer to the questions before proceeding to hear the correct answer.  This module will help participants apply the information learned up to this point.

    Module 7 – Patient Registration
    This module covers the key elements of Registration.  This information will need to be supplemented with the clinic’s specific EMR information and specific processes.  The importance of the first interaction with the patient is emphasized.  Common problems and potential efficiencies are discussed, along with the importance of getting the registration performed correctly.

    Module 8 – Over the Counter Collections
    This module will focus on the importance of over-the-counter collections and tips for success in managing that process at the front desk.

    Module 9 – HIPAA and HITECH
    This module will cover the basics of HIPAA and protecting PHI, the patient’s right to privacy, and the organization’s administrative requirements under HIPAA and HITECH.  Threats to privacy and ways to maintain a secure environment are covered.

    Module 10 – POC Tracking, Medicare AGNs, and Other Items
    The training series concludes with this module.  The importance of tracking plans of care for Medicare is covered with a suggested process.  In addition, the importance of tracking missing notes, Medicare Progress notes, and discharge documentation is discussed.  The basics of utilizing Medicare ABNs are covered.  We do recommend you supplement the Medicare ABN information with the Medicare Medlearns material.

    It is important that you supplement this training with clinic-specific policies, procedures, and processes, as well as EMR-specific training and Regional Insurance information.  

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