PRIVATE PRACTICE - Why PT Benefits from Direct to Employer Services and How to Develop Value Based PT Services Part 1

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This course was recorded on July 12, 2021 | Free to APTA Private Practice Members 

 If you are getting more and more frustrated with the limitations of reimbursement and administrative burdens of business as usual with commercial payors, consider learning how to do PT practice in a new way. Direct to Employer PT services and marketing is a growing opportunity for private practices, both large and small. This 2-part PPS webinar will first help you analyze your current contracts in a new way with useful, easy-to-apply tools. Then, you will learn how to break down your key practice indicators and determine your essential negotiating factors to improve and update your practice value.

In part 2, you will learn why direct-to-employer marketing is the private practitioner’s newest and best plan of action to eliminate third-party administrative burdens and improve your reimbursement, all while improving patient satisfaction and early access to PT. You will learn ways to design new PT products and develop your own contracts and payment models with innovative examples and tools you can use the next week.
Participants of this webinar will learn the following:

Participants will identify their contracts and parameters, including how administrative burden factors into contract value.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will:
1. Clearly itemize their contract fee schedules
2. Be able to outline contract management strategies.
3. Understand their practice cost of service as a point of comparison for setting their fee schedules and contract review & renegotiation.
4. Analyze contracts based on critical questions.
5. Outline basic renegotiation strategies.

Steve Chenoweth


Lynne Steffes


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